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A chimney inspection is a procedure in which a technician examines a chimney for any signs of safety concerns. Chimney inspections include identification of violations of the building code, along with recommendations for improvements which may not be required, but would be wise. It is a good idea to have chimneys inspected annually, and chimney inspections are often required when a property is about to change hands, when people plan to perform chimney work, or when there is an accident or fire involving the chimney.

In the United States, the National Fire Protection Association has set very clear standards for chimney inspections which are designed to eliminate ambiguity from the inspection process. During a level one inspection, the technician examines all of the areas of the chimney which are readily accessible, meaning that no doors or coverings need to be removed, and the accessible areas of the appliance attached to the chimney, along with the chimney connection, are also examined. The NFPA defines “accessible” as meaning that standard tools can be used to open flaps, doors, and other coverings for inspection.

When chimneys are in disrepair, the updraft stops working. Gas can seep into your home, and that poses a serious danger for your family. Deadly carbon monoxide gas can seep into your home, and it will silently poison your family. It’s important to have your chimney inspected and invest in chimney repair to protect your home and your loved ones.
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